That lack of information

I dropped an email to Lothian Buses suggesting they should have some decent signs up on the stops near me which are out of use due to roadworks and got a reply saying they put them up last week. I use them everyday and I never saw any and since a number of folks have been waiting at the stops this week oblivious I’m not the only one. If they are there then they are pretty poorly placed since no-one seems to have spotted them – even this morning I had to tell someone standing at my regular spot that they had to go along several stops to another street to get the diverted service. Still, on the positive side, as I headed to a different street to get one of those diverted buses this morning I saw one I usually get just picking away as I approached. Because of the diversions it is hard to work out when they will come, so it is annoying to miss one and have no idea how long it might be till the next. And then the very friendly driver saw the heavy traffic ahead, recognised me, opened the door and beckoned me in. So praise this time round for a very friendly service and isn’t it nice the way when someone unexpectedly does something like that for you it puts you into a much better mood for the whole day?