Cash, dishonours, whitewash

It looks like no-one will be charged over the scandal of cash for honours. What a bloody surprise that is. If no-one was held to account in government for lying to the House, misleading the citizens, fabricating supposed evidence and dragging us into a war without proper legal moves then what chance any of the scunners would be held accountable for this scandal? Two-faced political leaders whine on about the yob culture, increasing violence among the young, lack of respect for law, the rules and society and morals and while there is a problem of this nature just how the hell are we supposed to tell younger folks to have respect for society, to play by the rules and do the decent thing when they see lying, scheming politicians breaking all sorts of laws again and again and always getting away with it. If society is going to hell, it is rotting from the head down.

Blair aide arrested

It was highly amusing to read not only about one of Tony Blair’s top aides, Ruth Turner, being arrested by the Metropolitan Police investigating the scandal of the cash-for-peerages allegations (imagine that, corrupt politicians!!!). It was even more amusing to read the panicked but arrogant responses from senior government figures who were outraged that Turner was arrested in an early morning swoop by police at her home – amusing because early morning swoops are exactly what the police do to families with children that the Home Office has decided to boot out of the country (actually then there are more officers and it is even earlier in the morning, often breaking down the door, so she got off rather lightly) and this is a tactic the government finds perfectly acceptable, even when applied to young, terrified refugee children. No double standards there then.

The outrage and comments then flowing from government sources after the even also seemed to indicate that they think they and their friends are above the law and should never be treated in this manner, which does rather reinforce the public impression that they are as corrupt as Caligula, with senior police officials commenting that the remarks from ministers seem designed to interfere with and put pressure on the officers investigating the whole corruption scandal. If the Labour party wasn’t so deep in debt they’d probably try and do what Tony’s good mate, former Italian PM Berlusconi did and just buy all the media to control the story then rewrite the laws to make sure he wasn’t done for anything. And if that fails, try fainting in front of the cameras a few days before a trial so everyone thinks you are too ill to stand for it…