Colourful walls

big giant head

Close to the Potterrow Student Union facilities by Edinburgh University there is a section of wall hidden behind some carriageway between the Uni and the back of the National Museum on the other side of the road, mostly just boring concrete and breeze block, which is always covered in graffiti. It seems to be an unofficially official kind of spot for street art in that for years that plain, concrete section behind nicer old buildings has been allowed to remain a spot for street artists to cover. The graffiti on it constantly changes as one new set overpaints older stuff, so every now and then it is worth me having a quick walk past to see if there is anything new. Quite often, disappointingly, it is just large examples of lettering – not bad in itself, some done rather well, but I get rather bored from seeing piles of graffiti that is simply some big 3D lettering, I’d much rather see someone creating some visual art, like these two recent examples I noticed when walking past.

photographer on the wall 02

Brown is Watching. Apparently

Brown Is Watching You

Saw this stencilled onto the expensive wall of a Georgian building in Edinburgh’s West End (tagging buildings is one thing, but really, street art wallahs could you not do it on listed, historic buildings, please?). I’d have thought Gordon was too busy watching his own Cabinet colleagues for sharpened daggers to watch us right now, but then he doesn’t have to I suppose given the huge increase in surveillance and diminishing of civil liberties he and Blair have overseen during their corrupt regimes (for our protection, naturally).