Fireside seat

Winter in Scotland, and one of the finest and simplest pleasures, sitting not just in the pub, but getting the comfy, cushion-strewn sofa right by the old stove, cosy, comfortable, ah, perfect…

a session in Teuchters 02

Waiting on chum and his dogs to arrive (the hounds, of course, after several minutes of demanding attention from me settled down happily in front of the warm stove for the rest of the afternoon), and leafing through a fascinating book while sipping a very fine ale by the fire on a chill winter’s day. The simple pleasures….

a session in Teuchters 03

Strathaven Ales Craigmill Brewery Aleberry Damson beer

Strathaven Ales Craigmill Brewery Aleberry Damson beer
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A nice visit to the outskirts of Strahaven to the Craigmill Brewery, a 17th century mill building by the River Avon, where after buying some bottles of various ales to take home I was invited downstairs where I got to taste their brand new Aleberry Damson Beer, made with locally grown fruit. Its not even made it as far as the local pubs yet so only a few folks have had the pleasure of this rather lovely ale, which I’ve just posted a review of on the Blog o’ Beer.