Brew Dog

Over on the Blog O’Beer we’ve got a multi-person review up where Darren, Ed, Tim and I all jointly review some of the bloody excellent ales that come from the independent Scotttish brewer Brew Dog (who were in the recent Scottish episode of the James May and Oz Clarke Drink to Britain series), who have not only been brewing some brilliant beers (like Rip Tide, Trashy Blonde and Paradox Smokehead) they do them in a style that is refreshingly hip, young and modern, getting away from the old, grey-bearded image of real ale (but sticking to the making damned good beer part of it).

Strathaven Ales Craigmill Brewery Aleberry Damson beer

Strathaven Ales Craigmill Brewery Aleberry Damson beer
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A nice visit to the outskirts of Strahaven to the Craigmill Brewery, a 17th century mill building by the River Avon, where after buying some bottles of various ales to take home I was invited downstairs where I got to taste their brand new Aleberry Damson Beer, made with locally grown fruit. Its not even made it as far as the local pubs yet so only a few folks have had the pleasure of this rather lovely ale, which I’ve just posted a review of on the Blog o’ Beer.

Beer and guest blogging

I’ve been posting a handful of reviews onto the new Blog o’Beer (BoB) along with Darren (or Ariel as most in the SF&F community know him) and Ed Ashby, who have been seriously piling into the reviews with great gusto (or perhaps they are just piss artists, but if so they are piss artists with some flair). I’ve just added a new one on a local beer from the Clyde Valley, Old Mortality from the Craigmill Brewery, and this week has also seen our first guest blog from acclaimed fantasty novelist Tim Lebbon, who very kindly wrote us up a report on a local beer festival down in the lovely West Country.

Meet BoB: The Blog o’ Beer

My friends and fellow real ale guzzlers Darren (better known to most SF folks as Ariel) and Ed and I have been planning a blog where we could post on one of our passions – proper beer, real ale as it is normally called. We’ve been planning it for ages and Ed and Darren got it up and running a few weeks ago. Since I have finally, albeit rather slowly and haltingly, returned to the personal world of blogging (as distinct from my work blogging for Forbidden Planet which has continued) this week I thought it was about time I started putting in some of my Tasting Notes as well and just posted my first couple up, starting off with a couple of Scottish ales, one from Bellhaven and one from my own doorstep, Edinburgh’s Innis & Gunn, who actually use old oak casks to mature the beer, an unusual process for ales, more something you’d expect in a single malt really, but it gives them a distinctive colour and aroma. Anyway, Darren and Ed have several pieces up on the Blog o’ Beer -or BoB as it is also known – and I’ve now added my first couple of tasting reviews.