Down on the beach next to Yellowcraig by the Fidra Lighthouse, a couple of miles up the coast from North Berwick this afternoon. We lucked out in that the gray clouds parted to give us some sunshine, but the chill wind coming in right from the North Sea was bitterly cold and it drove the waves into the rocky shore so energetically we had to cut short our walk because sometimes the waves would literally come right up the entire beach to the dunes, so if you didn’t want to do some November paddling (and this water is bloody cold in August!) then it was best to just head off elsewhere.

(seabirds skim the crashing waves at North Berwick)

(with the changing of the tides the seabirds were out in force but every time they landed to check the wet sand for tasty morsels the violent waves would come crashing in once more and into the air they’d leap)

Doggy social club

On the long beach stretching from the Fidra Lighthouse along to North Berwick, a favourite spot for Bruce the greyhound/lurcher/something hairy dog who not only loves galloping along the sands and running into the nearby dunes to chase rabbits, he loves the fact that everyone and their dog goes there too. Meaning he has a multitude of other dog’s bums to sniff, it’s a veritable dog social club.

Messing about on the water

Sunny (but cool) spring-like day down at North Berwick, Scotland, not far from Edinburgh, watching as some sailors bring in a small yacht and take it out the water.