Look, Ma – no hands!

The new laws banning the use of hand-held mobile phones came into force today. It is a sad measure of the decline of British civilization and a marker of just how damned stupid and arrogant so many people are becoming here that something as common sense as this has to be legislated by parliament. Every night when I walk home – or when I cycled – I cross some of the busiest city centre streets and junctions of our capital. And the sheer amount of drivers who are trying to drive one-handed through a four-lane junction which is choc-a-bloc with other cars bumper to bumper while several hundred pedestrians are trying to cross around them is staggering. I’ve narrowly missed being hit several times by buckets yakking on their phone and not noticing that they are driving through a green man crossing.

So I am pretty pleased the wankers are now being targeted and can’t believe it took so long to make this a law or that a law had to be created to enforce what is, after all, common bloody sense. There was a lot of rubbish on the news channels tonight about drivers being confused over the new legislation. Confused? Bollocks! They know exactly what it is – you can’t use a hand phone when driving, it’s pretty bloody simple. No hands-free kit, no calls. One guy on the news who was stopped tried to say he didn’t know about it all. Despite the fact it has been on the news and in the papers for weeks now. Some big companies such as Scottish Power have fitted hands-free kits in all their company vehicles to protect staff from falling foul of the new law. While this is good to see I have to wonder why exactly these corporate smegheads didn’t think on this before? It’s always been bloody dangerous, but now it’s illegal they take steps to ‘protect their staff’. Or perhaps to stop themselves from bad publicity and large legal bills. Why is it today they think they need them but not yesterday? Perhaps their brains have been so irradiated by cell phone use they can’t think anymore? I’m glad the Scottish police are prosecuting those who break this new law right away instead of the two month warning period. Let them wine – it’s like people who moan about the parking wardens in the Green Lanes – if you didn’t park in the restricted zone you wouldn’t get booked. Likewise if you weren’t so stupid as to try and phone while driving you wouldn’t get booked. What’s hard to understand?