World Aids Day

Two decades later – that we know of – and still millions are dying of this dreadful affliction. The numbers in Africa are now in the millions. This is not just due to the greed of western pharmaceutical companies ( and oh how I could rant for days about those bastards) or lack of money or facilities – although these are factors all too often – but also from many of the people who refuse to discuss or even acknowledge the disease, or try to treat it using what is basically a witch doctor approach. Even here in the west the numbers of the infected are going up again. My generation had dreadful but hard-hitting adverts targeted at them to warn them but the new generation doesn’t seem to get it and as a result the daft buggers are getting infected with all sorts of STDs at an alarming new rate. Maybe we should bring back the old “don’t die of ignorance” adverts. But not tonight. Tonight is a night to light a little candle for someone.