Rock me like a hurricane

As Hurricane Isabelle towers and glowers over the eastern seaboard of the United States like the wrath of God I find it interesting that President Bush has hightailed it out of Washington D.C. for the relative safety of Camp David. Yes, I am sure his supporters are correct and it is a prudent move.

However the sight of the President fleeing his capital while his fellow citizens have to stay and hunker down for the storm is hardly a heartening one. All the more so for the fact that this is the second time that when trouble has loomed Bush has decided to run and hide like a frightened child, just as he did on September 11th. Oh yes, I know, I know – prudence, safety. Odd is it not that neither Churchill nor the Royal family displayed the same prudence during the ferocious bombing of London during the Second World War. Contrary to popular belief the Cabinet War Room was not bomb proof – they stayed to share the danger of the people they led because that calculated risk is a vital part of leadership. Hell, even Blair, who I have little time for, headed right back to Downing Street on 9-11, even although it could well have been another target on that awful day because even he knew that a leader must be seen to lead, not hide. One more reason among so many others to hold this idiotic little man in contempt.