Web archeology

Wow, searching Google I found my old website, still there, just as it was left, except it has had the odd hit since I last saw it. The provider suddenly decided they were going to charge for it and I wasn’t paying them when I could get it free elsewhere – you can’t even use your own software on it! Still, there was the old Library of Dreams, complete with many a review I wrote years back, along with some short fiction I wrote and some poetry. I can’t access it to update it thanks to the greedy provider, but the site is still there, like the digital equivalent of a fly trapped in amber, unchanging.

I did plan another one but after months of design of a much-improved one it wouldn’t damned well upload to Fortune City. The software I used was designed to only load to their site so that was all that work screwed. Matthew was going to do a new design while my mate Gregor did some nice artwork for it, but it never happened. Still, one of these days Matthew will use some of the reviews on his site. One day… In the meantime I had begun contributing to the Alien and as that whole site is running so very well now I’ll probably stick to that and the Woolamaloo Gazette.