Get home tonight to find one of those “we’re sorry you were out when we tried to deliver” cards from the Royal Mail’s Parcel Force. Okay, no problem, will need to nip out early to the local depot to pick it up in the morning. What’s this? Ah, not the local depot but the international depot out on the edge of town. Bugger. Ah, what’s this? The postman hasn’t ticked the ‘pick up from depot’ option. No, he has ticked ‘left outside your door’. WTF???? How incredibly goddam stupid is that? Why the hell does Parcel Force even have that as a bloody option? I step back out the flat and of course there is nothing there and my neighbouring apartment hasn’t seen it and picked it up for me. Phone their help line and they are a little surprised that their delivery guy would so something so bloody stupid too, just dump a parcel outside someone’s door and bugger off and leave it.

Now I have to wait till tomorrow till this brain-damaged numpty comes to work so they can ask him about it. I don’t even know what the package was or who it was from, but the card was from the international mail depot so I assume someone has sent me something from abroad. If it has been lost because of this incompetent postie I am going to bloody furious. It is also a bit worrying that someone who was in our block may have picked up the abandoned package and walked off with it – of course it could be anyone. There is a secure entryphone on the main door but there would be delivery folks, tradesmen, paperboys etc coming and going all day as well as neighbours or their visitors, any of whom could have helped themselves to it because this frigging idiot postie decided dumping his responsibility was easier than actually doing his bloody job and making a delivery or taking it back to the depot. Sure they are very busy at this time of year but that doesn’t excuse being lazy and incompetent. I am not hopeful of good news tomorrow. Meantime I don’t even know what this was or who sent it so I can’t even let them know.