Old friends gone, old friends you meet again, new friends come to visit

This weekend was pretty packed since a friend of Mel’s cousin in Norway was over visiting, ahead of actually moving here for a year this summer, so as well as showing him round and taking him out we were also taking him round properties to see what was available to rent, good spots to live, what it costs etc. And as we’re having some food in the Filmhouse’s cafe-bar I notice a woman looking at me and she seems familiar, she’s thinking the same… Yep, its a chum I’ve hardly seen since college, where she too was in Shiona’s classes and all this time later we run into each other in the same building where Shiona had her base.

She had been at Shiona’s funeral – she told me that the music was very Shiona (so yes, apparently there was Abba) and that Shiona had arrived in a horse-drawn hearse. Was it one with glass sides, I asked? Yes, it was the one I had photographs of on here a couple of years ago. I was about to half-jokingly, half-earnestly say that they would have replaced the long, black plumes the horses wear with brightly coloured ones when she told me that was exactly what had happened! I wish I’d known about it in time to go along myself, but hearing about this did make me feel a lot better.