SeX-Men 2

SeX-Men 2. Join the erotic adventures of our sexually super-charged superheroes. Professor seX runs a school which helps these erotically powerful mutants come to grips with their powers (and we do mean come!). The professor is a powerful telepath who can use his mind to find the most intimate fantasy of any person.

Spyclops: He has a mutated visual capacity which allows him to see through walls and people’s clothes. He’s in love with Jean Gay but is constantly distracted by his super-voyeuristic powers, especially when he passes the girl’s shower room.

Jean Gay: a beautiful telekinetic woman who can use her powers to manipulate her lovers. She is aware of Spyclop’s love but his repeated voyeurism has driven her into the arm of Sappho.

Stormgasm: A stunning female mutant who can summon and focus the power of the ultimate orgasm in any living being.

Dildorine: A hairy mutant of enormous strength and stamina. This makes him an incredible shag-beast, added to which he has retractable dildos on his hands to stimulate multiple partners.

Vogue: the young fashion model turned super-heroine who can suck the sexual energy from any lover.

Clitique: A shape-changing mutant woman who can become any lover you want.

Muffnito: the leader of the bad mutants, gifted with the power to manipulate women’s genitalia using only his mind powers.

SeX-Men 2 is a roller coaster of action, romance and lots of hot shagging, plus some S&M (well what did you think all that leather was for?) directed by Brian Sinner of the Usual Shagspects fame.