Gaza, Gazza

Given the awful events as Hamas fires rockets as Israeli towns and Israelis shoot the hell out of towns in the Gaza strip I can’t help but think it was perhaps not the best time for a TV channel to air a programme called ‘Surviving Gazza’. Of course, it was about the troubled former England football player Paul ‘Gazza’ Gascoine and not the plight of Palestinian refugees squeezed into a small sliver of land, but even so the timing was rather unfortunate.

Postcards from Palestine

I mentioned Katie who runs the Moomin13 LiveJournal a while back here and who posts on life as a peace activist in Gaza and also her art and cartoons which draw on her experiences in and around Ramallah. She’s been doing more cartoons and also beginning an actual comic strip based on her experiences, some of which have been published in magazines and papers in the region. I had a very brief chat with her over on the FPI blog this week (with links to a lot more of her work, including the titular Postcards, which show art and when the cursor runs over them flip over to show the context on the ‘back’ of the postcard), which I hope some folks find interesting.