For about the third time in a month I’ve had dreams with recurring characters. As is often the case most of it evaporates away on waking (Coleridge moaned about this as well, but at least he got some of it down on paper). However I do recall in all three there were giants wandering around Edinburgh. All I can recall of the latest one was that two of the giants were sitting in Princes Street Gardens, below the Castle and they were playing chess using cars picked up from the street as the pieces. I have a vague recollection of them using cannonballs from the Castle for a game of marbles.

After paying my five cents to Lucy (‘the psychiastrist is in’) I was informed that the latter was indicative of me losing my marbles, which is a damned lie since I know full well they are in the drawer in my study, right behind some elastic bands and a dried up Pritt Stick. Trying to find important papers like bank statements is always problematic since I put them somewhere ‘safe’ and can’t find them when needed. But my marbles? Oh, I know just where they are.

The giants-cars-chess thing stumped Lucy however and she went off to badger poor Schroeder. Had the dream been in high-contrast, moodily-lit black and white it may have been a surreal dream homage to the Seventh Seal, but it wasn’t. It may have indicated some deep-seated anxiety or it may be that it’s just the way my mind works even when it is sleeping (I lock the bedroom door now to make sure that if my subconcious gets loose at night it can’t go too far. Besides I don’t want the cats chasing it). Or it could be my sleeping mind working out which way to vote on the referendum on congestion charging in the city or the lack of available parking (free parking if you allow your car to be used as a chess piece for giants).

I wonder what cars were being used as the various pieces? I don’t recall that detail. Presumably something small but reliable for the pawns, like a Mini. The king is probably a Bentley and I reckon the knights would be in something posh but fast, like an Aston Martin. What the smeg would the bishop be? Would Humvees stand in for the rooks? And will tonight bring a dream of the giants playing pool using huge rocks and some Scots Pines?