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Edinburgh Festival Fireworks 2011 09

Well last night was the traditional hour-long fireworks classical music concert over the Castle that marks the end of another year of the Edinburgh International Festival, with the Fringe and the Book Festival having finished the weekend before. It’s a huge display of pyrotechnic fun and luckily the threatening rain clouds held back till the end of the concert. Much as I love the annual fireworks (much larger than the ones at Hogmanay) having seen them many times I can’t really face watching them from Princes Street as there are tens of thousands lined up to watch and I can’t be bothered with trying to get through all of that each year. Used to watch from my friend’s old workplace which had a Castle view, they had a party with food and booze while we watched over the roofs of the New Town to the Castle, but sadly they relocated and their new place doesn’t have the view. So last year we watched from the Radical Road under the Crags on the volcanic bulk of Arthur’s Seat; this year I decided to try somewhere closer to my end of town and with the old S&N brewery finally fully demolished I realised that from the old humpback bridge on the Union Canal at Fountainbridge I’d get a half decent view.

Edinburgh Festival Fireworks 2011 02

The Fringe may be over too (and Edinburgh has that ‘just taken down the Christmas decorations’ feeling – peeling flyers for shows now finished on walls and stands but the carnival is over and the fabulous freak have left town. A relief in some ways but also always slightly sad) but I shot far too many photos during August as usual – the section of the Royal Mile near my work is given over to performers to do little bits of their acts on small stages and to parade up and down, many in costume, trying to interest folks in the hundreds of shows competing for bums on seats, which gives a lot of opportunity for grabbing some interesting street scenes (in fact I still have some left to process and upload to the Woolamaloo Flickr – click the pics here to see the bigger versions on my Flickr).

Fringe on the Royal Mile 2011 196

Fringe on the Royal Mile 2011 186

A gallant kiss on the hand for his lovely assistant:

Fringe on the Royal Mile 2011 177

Even rain doesn’t stop the Fringe or the tourists – the tacky ‘tartan tat’ gift shops must do a roaring trade in these disposable rain macs for tourists who come to Scotland in the summer with a summer wardrobe only to find the rain!

Fringe on the Royal Mile 2011 170

Offffff with his head!!!!!

Fringe on the Royal Mile 2011 160

Championship level gurning from the Mad Hatter!

Fringe on the Royal Mile 2011 157

Beautiful smile from this performer:

Fringe on the Royal Mile 2011 155

Rockin’ around the clock tonight…

Fringe on the Royal Mile 2011 151

And faery creatures prowl the street, casting their charms…

Fringe on the Royal Mile 2011 144

And we even had Charlie Chaplin performing right outside St Giles where once the dour, miserable old bugger Knox used to preach:

Fringe on the Royal Mile 2011 133

And a bit of skin always helps sell a show!

Fringe on the Royal Mile 2011 102

And I managed a couple of shots at some Free Fringe shows too:

Fringe on the Royal Mile 2011 180

And the Book Festival of course (I’ve already posted full reports & pics from those events on here and the FP blog):

Edinburgh International Book Festival - Nick Hayes & William Goldsmith 010

Festival time Edinburgh

Edinburgh is bursting at the seams as the Festival season gets into full swing (and I’m off to the opening night party at the Book Festival later this evening), the entire city buzzes, the streets are full of crowds and performers, but sometimes you just have to sit down for a break and a chat with a human statue (complete with seagull and pretend bird poo!):

human statue and wee girl

It isn’t just the Royal Mile that is thronged as the Fringe performers promote their shows, the Playfair Steps are normally a good shortcut from the Mile down to the New Town, past the National Gallery and Royal Academy, but during August it is packed solid with tourists checking out the craft stalls – nice if you are on holiday and can amble at a snail’s pace looking around, pain in the bum if you live here and need to get somewhere for a certain time!

busy Festival time Mound steps 02

This lady performer on the Mound is very, very flexible:

Fringe on the Royal Mile 2011 080

One thing that never changes at the Fringe, one way to stand out among the literally hundreds of other shows happening every single day – show some skin!

Fringe on the Royal Mile 2011 075

Fringe on the Royal Mile 2011 072

Fringe on the Royal Mile 2011 073

Fringe on the Royal Mile 2011 069

Channel 4 News’ arts and culture correspondent Matthew Cain doing a report from the Royal Mile – the camera was a good 40 or 50 feet away so most folks in the crowd around him couldn’t see it, it made him look like he was walking through the crowd talking to himself:

Fringe on the Royal Mile 2011 060

Traditional Japanese musician on the Mile

Fringe on the Royal Mile 2011 055

With the city so astonishingly busy paramedics on mountain bikes are used to get round the crowds for emergencies to treat anyone who needs it until an ambulance can get there. Here’s one hard working bike-medic catching a quick coffee break among the Fringe crowds:

Fringe on the Royal Mile 2011 052

Lady with her harp:

Fringe on the Royal Mile 2011 049

It’s Edinburgh, Festival time and seeing a man in a kilt on top of ladders juggling knives on the historic Royal Mile is pretty much an everyday sight as I walk home from work!

Fringe on the Royal Mile 2011 043

These Native American musicians are here playing on the streets during the Festival most years:
Fringe on the Royal Mile 2011 32