The tram debacle

The mess caused by the imposition of a tram line in Edinburgh (and it is an imposition – citizens were not consulted, there was no referendum, probably because the last major city transport referendum – congestion charges – the citizens voted against the council’s wishes and they don’t want that again) is even more of a joke this week. Last week the main contractors walked off the job just as they closed Princes Street, the busiest main street of the capital, supposedly for almost a year. Which doesn’t help the struggling shops and other businesses on Princes St now buses have to be laboriously diverted (adding longer to journeys – especially for those of us who have more than one set of major tram works holding us up every sodding day) and also makes a mess of a busy street and putting off tourists. Just what’s needed in a rough economic climate.

Bus journeys into town were already down as folks avoided coming in because of the tram chaos, now this. And although the council and the contractors are blaming each other while trying to negotiate a resumption of the work the bloody useless eejits in the council have left the diversions in place all bloody week so we’re all being shoved through more sodding long diversions even although there is no work being carried out and no good reason to put us to this extra hassle every day. I think that shows the attitude the planners actually have to the people of Edinburgh and how little they care about the stress and hassle they are putting citizens and businesses to.