Night Life

Now that is is dark before 4pm, I have more opportunities to take some shots of the city’s nocturnal face, something I always like exploring.

Haymarket After Dark 01

Haymarket After Dark 02

Haymarket tram stop at night (above), and looking towards the main junction of Haymarket (below).

Haymarket After Dark 06

Haymarket After Dark 08

Red And Green

Bank of Scotland building on the Mound, lit up in alternating red and green lights.

Festive Market At Night 01

Festive Market At Night 02

The annual festive market has returned – not my favourite place (vastly over-priced, too busy, and causes a huge amount of damage to Princes Street Gardens, which is often not fully repaired and open to citizens again until months after the market goes), but it is good for taking pics.

Festive Market At Night 04

Festive Market At Night 05

Festive Market At Night 07

Festive Market At Night 08

New Town Nights 02

This town house, especially the basment flat, was well-lit up, snapped a couple of quick pics with the phone on the walk home, amazed they came out.

New Town Nights 02