Looking across Edinburgh

I’ve uploaded a few more photos shot from the roof terrace garden on top of the National Museum of Scotland (see previous post); this one is Arthur’s Seat taken from the roof, with the shadows of clouds passing across the face of Salisbury Crags (best viewed in the large size on the Flickr page):

Arthur's Seat from National Museum of Scotland roof

The room just off the terrace where the lift is has large windows looking out towards Bristo Square and Edinburgh University, with the rotunda of McEwan Hall on the lower left (where my graduation ceremony took place a lifetime ago):

looking through the square window

This leads to the lift room but with the strong sun casting such lovely, clear shadows on the decking I had to take this:

National Museum of Scotland roof terrace 03

I also edited a few video segments into a 360 degree panoramic view of the city from this rather wonderful vantage point: