Jungle City

In Edinburgh at the moment we have a series of animal statues, each decorated by a different artist, somewhat like the cows one we had a few years back, except this time they are endangered species, part of the Jungle City scheme to highlight the plight of such endangered species and like the earlier cows statues this will go on around other world cities. The statues themselves will be auctioned (sadly I read today some mindless, vile fiends have stolen one but they had to damage it severely to remove it from its plinth) and there are smaller versions of them for sale too. Certainly been making me smile as I wander around town, snapped a bunch of them already, like this beautiful white tiger (with small rider complete with bowler hat and brolly!) right by the side of the National Gallery of Scotland on the Mound:

Jungle City Edinburgh 023

Jungle City Edinburgh 026

Jungle City Edinburgh 027

This big cat is right by historic Saint Giles Cathedral on the Royal Mile:

Jungle City Edinburgh 018

And I love the tartan elephant on the Mound next to the National Gallery of Scotland the Royal Scottish Academy:

Jungle City Edinburgh 016

And he has some nearby elephant companions:

Jungle City Edinburgh 014

The decoration on this friendly orang-utan reminds me of a children’s picture book (especially Quentin Blake ones):

Jungle City Edinburgh 09

This big cat is looking up at the Scott Monument:

Jungle City Edinburgh 03

While on the other side of the Monument is this amazingly sparkly cat:

Jungle City Edinburgh 04

From a distance I thought it was covered in glitter or something similar, but close up I realised it was covered entirely in very shiny one pence pieces. Here she is with Sir Walter Scott in the background:

Jungle City Edinburgh 06

Must get some more pics, quite a few other to snap!

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  1. Pic STV..A city will be transformed into a concrete jungle this summer when an array of animals are unveiled across Edinburgh…Tigers elephants snakes and a gorilla all drew the attention of passers-by as a charity launched their new project…Elephant Family will be putting the sculptures in parks on pavements and on benches around the city this summer as they raised both money and awareness for the conservation of endangered species…The statues totally around 50 have been sponsored and decorated.

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