Ding dong…

… the witch is dead… Hey, right wingers hell-bent on canonising Thatcher as some modern political saint, protesters will stop buying Ding Dong the Witch is Dead to get it into the charts if you stop wasting millions of pounds of the tax-payer’s money on what is essentially a state funeral in all but name. Deal? No? Well if you can close down half of central London and waste millions on a politician who is still despised by half the population decades on then it is fine for people to protest in a witty and sarcastic manner by getting this song to the charts. In fact there is something delightfully, subversively British about the humour behind that, the sort of satire and humour which goes back to the days of Hogarth as a way for ordinary citizens to make their views on their ‘betters’ known and heard.

And on the related note of Hogarth, here’s a recent work from one of that esteemed artist and observer of society’s modern heirs, the excellent Martin Rowson on the whole nonsense surrounding Thatcher’s death (cartoon by and (c) Martin Rowson, published in the Guardian):

I’ve head the pleasure of hearing Martin speak twice now at the Edinburgh International Book Festival and he’s not only very knowledgeable about the history of editorial cartooning and illustration, he is passionate about using it to hold politicians and other public figures to account and letting them know we are watching the buggers, which is vital in any healthy democratic society.

Edinburgh Book Festival 2012 - Martin Rowson 05
(Martin Rowson at the Edinburgh International Book Festival in 2012, pic from my Flickr)

2 thoughts on “Ding dong…

  1. I can’t bring myself to celebrate Thatchers death, not while her policies are being taken to the extreme by our current .gov

    At least if the referendum goes the right way you will be rid of the tories for good. We’re not going to be so lucky, without scotlands votes the north of England, Wales and Northern Ireland will suffer.

    Scotlands independance will help the tories consolidate their power unfortunately, but if it gets you free of them, good luck to you. (can’t you adopt Yorkshire as part of Scotland?)

  2. Pete, yeah, I suspect one reason the Scottish Labour party is in the Better Together camp (the pro union, anti independence movement, which has some very dodgy funding from rich businessmen) is because Labour in the rest of the UK has relied on a good chunk of MPs they get from Scotland going to Westminster, if we go independent then they’re going to lose a huge amount of safe seats. If it does happen (and its not a certainty) it should be taken as a signal for England to rethink how its people are represented – maybe demand much more regional autonomy to deal with matters pertaining to themselves instead of some berks in London making decisions about Yorkshire for instance.

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