Classics on the Mile

Walking home from work on a sunny evening last week I had the lovely surprise discovery on the Royal Mile of a gaggle of classic old Bentley tourers, must have been out for a summer classic car rally, parked along the historic Royal Mile and in front of Saint Giles Cathedral at Parliament Square:

classic Bentley on the Royal Mile 06

Got to love the old fashioned big lever handbrake on the outside of the cab – I don’t know why but these always appeal to me:

classic Bentley on the Royal Mile 07

The classic British Racing Green colour that suits open top old Brit sports cars and grand tourers so well. Luckily the sun came out and all the chrome was gleaming in the evening sunshine. Love the big, leather straps on the bonnet too. Sudden urge to don leather flying helmet and goggles then race this lovely machine across the continent to Monte Carlo while trying to beat the fiendish cad Terry Thomas 🙂

classic Bentley on the Royal Mile 03

One chap fired his Bentley up while I was taking pictures and did a u-turn, no easy task in something this size – they may be gorgeous and fast but they’re not exactly known for a city-friendly tight turning circle! I switched to video for a few seconds mostly to try and get a little of that engine noise, sounds like it belongs in a Spitfire 🙂 Lovely thing so just come across at the end of a day’s work, certainly made me smile, I do like when the city offers up little presents like this…

Loved this unusual semi-convertible in Parliament Square, which I am told is a Sedanca ‘Teardrop’ Coupe Bentley:

classic Bentley on the Royal Mile 013

classic Bentley on the Royal Mile 01