Religious fundamentalists

Anyone who works on a Sunday is making a mockery of God and His laws, but God says He will not be mocked. He has power to sink a Sunday ferry.” No, this isn’t some Islamic fundamentalist but some religious idiot on the isle of Lewis. His ire raised by new Sunday sailings which has outraged the bigoted, blinkered, backward, intolerant Wee Free ultra devout Christians there. These guys take Sunday so seriously the men often won’t shave before church because that is work. And like most seriously hardcore religious freaks of any persuasion they think this gives them the right to dictate how others should also live. Now I make no bones about it, in my opinion these people are fucking idiots and bigots to boot – this is the same splinter from the Church of Scotland who are so against Catholics, for instance, that when a member who was also a government minister attended the funeral of a friend and colleague who just happened to be Catholic he was ejected from the church and not allowed to return. That’s the sort of folks we’re talking about – and of course all draped in a holier than thou attitude.

Now much as I ridicule these throwbacks – and I think they richly deserve ridicule – I do still hold that they are free to follow their religious beliefs as are all people. But not to inflict their own rules on everyone else. You object to work on Sundays? Fine – no-one is asking you to use the bloody ferry service. But others in the region do want to use it, that’s why they have been campaigning for years to have it. Civilised people are meant to live and let live, so logic dictates those who don’t want to use it because of their convictions should not use it and those who are not hampered by ancient superstitions interpreted by incredibly dour old joyless bastards should be free to use it and not be told by those self same, self important twonks what they can and cannot do.

And as for that quote at the start – well the first ferry had mechanical problems so of course these superstitious old fools claim Divine providence. Yeah, I’m sure god has nothing better to do with her time than make a ferry engine in Scotland break down. If that’s god’s will does that mean it was god’s will that French aircraft should crash a few weeks ago? If so then that’s a pretty screwed up person. And note the language – not enough it broke down, he seems to be eager for his little god to rise up in wrath against the infidels and drown them. Now if a Muslim wrote that he’d end up in Belmarsh under the anti-terror laws. An ultra Christian on Lewis gets to have that published in the paper. Those are the sorts of people I’m ridiculing and they damned well deserve it for spouting intolerance, bigotry and even threats of divine violence against anyone (which is most people) who don’t subscribe to their narrow minded views. And they will cloak themselves in that tired, tattered old cloak of Respectablity and Religious Belief as if they are somehow noble. We need to get Wicker Man on some of these joyless buggers.