Winning Vertigo

Over at work the nice people at Dorling Kindersley publishers have given us five copies of their new hardback Vertigo Encyclopedia, a lavishly illustrated a-z reference guide to DC Comics’ groundbreaking mature readers imprint for comics and graphic novels. Its an imprint which has done a huge amount to make comics with mature themed and aimed at adults popular over the last decade and a bit, with series like Garth Ennis’ Preacher (violence, drugs, sex, blasphemy, conspiracy and the ghost of John Wayne – brilliant stuff), Warren Ellis’ fantastic Transmetropolitan and Neil Gaiman’s Sandman among but a few.

Alex Irvine’s guide gives a synopsis of
the main story arcs, character biographies and important notes about the beginning and development of the stories, its a pretty essential reference work and also a pretty darn good potential Christmas present. The competition runs until the end of Sunday 16th of November – I’ve written a brief review of the book over on the FPI blog and from there you can also find links to enter the competition where you only need to answer a very simple question to be in with a chance to win one of the copies.