New Captain Alatriste novel coming soon

Really pleased to note there’s a new Captain Altriste novel from Spanish author Arturo Perez-Reverte coming next month, The Man in the Yellow Doublet. I’m quite addicted to this series (also very much enjoyed his Fencing Master and Dumas Panel novels too) – he’s a highly respect Spanish author but the Alatriste novels have the air of delightful romp around them, but a romp written by a top notch writer who gives us swashbuckling historical adventure and intrigue – like Dumas but for a modern reader rather easier to enjoy – but laces this pulp adventure with well researched gems from history, literature and the arts, especially Spain’s history and artistic culture. Wonderful stuff, I’ve devoured the whole series thus far. Still disappointed that the film (starring Viggo Mortensen) never seems to have had a UK release, although it is available as an import (but a bit pricey for me), have wondered how the film version compares to the novels.