How not to park in Edinburgh

Someone filmed some parking attendants in Edinburgh at work using some unusual tactics near the Usher Hall, sitting waiting in a large, unmarked car and as soon as someone parks where they shouldn’t nipping out and booking them as soon as they are out of sight (wouldn’t it make more sense just to go up to them beforehand and say you can’t park there or you will be fined? Then they won’t be causing an obstruction? Oh yeah, then NCP who run the scheme for the corrupt council and the council themselves don’t make money from it…). Even better the parking attendant’s vehicle is parked on double yellow lines causing an obstruction itself! And there are no less than three of the buggers in it.

I’ve got no problem with them booking people parking illegally, but I’m wondering why they need three people in a large vehicle parked on double yellow lines and why they need such a large car to swan round town in (and park in stupid places with impunity)? Since attendants can’t patrol every area isn’t it more important they be spread around as much as possible and not just sitting on their arse picking off lame ducks like this? And for going round town (or for sitting in a vehicle like this) why not use something smaller and more appropriate for city driving? This might explain why the buggers are never to be seen making sure idiots don’t block the green lane and cycle lane on the busy main route I take in and out of town to work, where ignorant sods regularly park on the lanes so they can go into a shop because they are too lazy to park elsewhere and walk more than a few feet (some of the gits even park on the pedestrian crossings to nip in for their crappy tabloid and pack of fags of a morning) and yet since the official police traffic wardens stopped going round our part of city I’ve almost never seen the council’s own – I imagine this might explain why, they’re all sitting in a large car making their targets.