Referendum? Why would we want to know what the people think?

The three main opposition parties in Scotland have done pretty much what they threatened to do and joined together to try and block any possible referendum on the likelihood of Scottish independence in the face of the new SNP government’s attempts. I remain far from convinced that independence is a good idea and so far the SNP hasn’t really outlined exactly how it will work, how it can be paid for and sustained and how transnational obligations such as defence or even something as simple as running foreign embassies, will work. However, I am furious that the other political parties are not just campaigning against the idea of independence (which is their right if they choose) but against the idea of a referendum – put simply they are utterly against the idea of the citizens of the country being given the chance to put forward their own opinion, hardly a democratic stance. In fact, quite the opposite. If you don’t believe in allowing the people to voice their own opinion and vote then why masquerade as a ‘democratic representative of the people’? And I’m especially ashamed of the Scottish Liberal Democrats partaking in such anti-democratic actions – they held this stance before the recent elections and it certainly cost them my vote.