Party on Princes Street

Dark and very wet in Edinburgh as they are doing the final preparations for tonight’s Hogmanay bash – maybe not the best weather for standing outside for a huge open-air party. I’m giving it a miss – been there and done that many times (was there right at the very first one) and now at my age can’t be bothered freezing outside for hours, queuing ages for the loo etc, better at my age to retire to the billiards room of my Gentlemen’s Club with the port and (chocolate) cigars… The traffic was utterly fubared by the closure of Princes Street for the party, an endless line of cars and buses all the way back past Haymarket (I decided to walk, rain or not, it was quicker), which makes me worry how bad my daily trip to work will be when the stupid tram roadworks hit Princes St soon – wouldn’t mind if it was useful, but the line won’t go near 4/5 of homes so its bugger all use to most Edinburgh folks… Anyway, shot a quick panorama just after sunset; you can see a camera crew setting up on a platform to cover it, the lights of the fair in front of the illuminated Bank of Scotland Building over on the left, the stage almost ready in the Gardens and the Castle above it all.