Assassination memorabilia for sale

Only in America: the window Lee Harvey Oswald is alleged to have fired from to assassinate President John F Kennedy in 1963 is up for auction on Ebay, according to Boing Boing, with a current bid north of $3 million. Got to love that American dedication to making a buck from anything, even the murder of a young president – I seem to recall the Zapruder family received a generous amount of money for the famous footage of the actual moment as well. It all seems rather ghoulish and vulgar to me. Meantime I keep remembering my patron saint, Bill of Hicks, talking about visiting the Texas Book Depository and the Assassination Museum (very Texan) where he said the room where the gunshots were supposedly fired from is extremely authentic in detail – because Oswald isn’t there! And you can’t get up to the window niche he was supposed to have fired from, “because they didn’t want thousands of American tourists looking out the window and going ‘no fuckin’ way! I can’t even see the goddam street from here, holy shit they lied to us!!!” How long until we see a Magic Bullet auction? “Back and to the left… back and to the left…”