Dad’s home

Great news this afternoon, a nice early Christmas present – my dad’s been released from hospital after his tests proved okay and he’s home. I’m just about to catch a train back through again myself shortly and as you can imagine the sense of relief is enormous. The medical staff seemed pretty confident on Saturday when I spoke with them, but there’s always that niggling worry that at the last minute they might decide he had to stay in for something else, but nope, he’s home and we’re bloody happy. Many thanks to the folks who sent me positive wishes, much appreciated. I’ve got a huge desire to stick on the Tom and Jerry set I got dad a couple of years back and sit down with him to watch the ‘Twas the night before Christmas’ one from the 40s. I might just do that. Now, folks, if you’ll excuse me its time to click my ruby red Doc Martens together and repeat “there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home…” Have a good Christmas, everybody.

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The lovely Victorian merry-go-round in Princes Street Gardens as part of the Winter Wonderland; annoyingly I missed getting pics of the official switching on of the Christmas lights and opening of the Winter Wonderland and the craft fair and German market because I didn’t know what time it started on Thursday, although I did see it all coming on and fireworks going off as I sat on the upper deck of the bus on the way home. Still, the evening before, on a wild, windy, wet winter’s night I saw them testing out the lights and the colours through the rain-spattered caught my eye and since reflections on the bus window or camera shake didn’t matter much for this kind of pic I thought I’d just snap it.