Guy 101

The winner of last night’s BAFTA award in the short animated film category was Guy 101 by Ian W Gouldstone; it tells a story which plays out between two men talking on an online chat, using items like chat screens, pop-up video player windows and messenger as the basis for the animation to tell the story. I was lucky enough to see it last year when the nice folks at the British Animation Awards (BAA) sent me some material on disc and thought it was a very clever bit of animation. The problem with film awards, all too often, is that the works in the short animation (or short movie for that matter) never get seen by most people and you end up trying to describe it instead. As luck would have it though this very animated short is hosted on the BBC’s Film Network site; there’s a bunch of other material on there (live action and animated) including Run Wrake’s ‘Rabbit‘ which I also saw last year and is inventive and nicely disturbing.