So now there are rumblings in England as there have been in Scotland to introduce minimum pricing on alcohol as the nanny state decides to tell adult citizens once more to behave as they wish. I really don’t see why the majority of adults should be penalised in this manner; yes regular over-drinking is a big problem in the UK, but let’s be bloody honest here, hiking the prices up will just penalise most citizens who enjoy a drink but don’t binge, don’t get into drunken, violent fights and end up in casualty at the weekend.

While over drinking can be a problem in all levels of society if we’re all really honest we know full and fine well the vast bulk of drink related problems, both health and crime related, are caused by scumbag neds (or chavs as they call them in England). So we should instead tailor any such legislation to penalise ned drinks – whopping tax on the odious Buckfast tonic wine (and perhaps firebomb the monastery that makes the bloody stuff), alcopops and Carlsberg super. While that wouldn’t completely wipe out alcohol abuse in the UK I suspect it would cut it down enormously. Or we could just cull neds. But since booze is already hugely taxed (and going up above inflation every year) why should I get screwed for the sake of these idiots?