Journalists were also shown a short teaser trailer for the long anticipated revival of a British movie classic series – the return of the Carry On movies. Despite the death of most of the original principal cast members they will all return – cutting edge CGI is being used to bring virtual versions of the actors back for a 21st century performance. The Gulf War spoof Carry on Baghdad will be the first in the new series. A CGI version of Sid James will play George W. Bush while one of the few surviving members, Jim Dale, will play Tony Blair. Newcomers to the cast will include a blacked-up Alexi Sayle as Colin Powell, James Belushi as General Tommy Franks and Gene Wilder as Dick Cheyney. Mel Brooks will direct and also cameo as Hitler. A sequel is already planned – Carry on CIA will again have a CGI Sid James as President Bush while Jerry Seinfeld is tipped to play the head of the CIA who is asked to ‘beef up’ intelligence reports on countries Bush doesn’t like.