New Wave from Cannes Festival

This year’s Cannes Film Festival had a number of well-regarded films by independent movie makers. As the mainstream press has barely mentioned them we at the Gazette have decided to give you a heads-up on some forthcoming celluloid gold to watch for between the summer blockbusters.

Antarctic Africa: Fred, a penguin from the Antarctic, is having a mid-life crisis and decides he will live out his boyhood dream to take part in the Paris-Dakar rally. Accompanied only by his best mate – Iceman, a novelty ice cube – he sets out from the French capital for the burning sands of North Africa. In the middle of the desert his rally car’s air-conditioning breaks down – now the race is to save his friend Iceman before he melts. A touching adventure buddy-movie for all the family. It may not play too well in America due to the French connection.

Bugling in the Borgo Pass: an 800-year old vampire realises his undead life is passing him by. In a bid to get back into society he forms a brass band with other vampires and tours Transylvania. Their musical fun is suddenly threatened by their own success when the undead band win through to the finals of al Eastern Europe Brass Band Pageant only to find it’s being held in a Cathedral with the world’s biggest crucifix. From the makers of Dead and Undeader and Dude where’s my Coffin?