Punning around

Reading fellow TAO member and Irish SF guru (an Irish Gaelic word meaning ‘SF fan who talks about Alan Moore while dirnking Guinness’) Padraig’s Live Journal this evening. He posited the punning question: “If you wrote a book about how to make money using an ancient Chinese divinatory system, would you call it the I Ching Ching?”

Heh, heh.Hmmm, starts the twisted thing I call ‘brain’ on the pun-book title track. What else could we have? Perhaps the pedigree dog breeders of the USA could take a variation on Neil Gaiman’s excellent novel and give us a novel of old and new myths meeting in American Dogs? Alan Moore’s Swatchmen telling of some superheroes with fashionable wrist chronometers? Ken MacLeod’s Newton’s Wake being appropriated for a book by sailing phycisists? Art Speigelman’s masterpiece graphic novel re-branded for the Chinese market: Mao (s)??? John Irving’s Cider House Rules adopted by some scrumpy producers in the West Country?

Okay, I’ll stop now. Brain requires chocolate or it threatens to continue spewing bollocks.