This year’s Christmas artwork from the always-excellent team at Saint John’s church in Edinburgh. This year they have taken the controversial topic of identity cards (which the disgraced former Home Secretary David Blunkett was pushing heavily along with various snooping legislation to ‘protect’ us all). They have cleverly mixed this topic with that of the Arab-Israeli conflict – the identity card reads Christ, Jesus, Nationality: Palestinian Citizen, DOB: 25 DEC 0000. I greatly admire the artwork the team here create throughout the year – they always call for peace, toleration, understanding and love between people of all cultures and belief, the abhorence of bigotry, hypocrisy, fear and hate, normally mixed with a wry and knowing humour and yet sometimes they attract complaints from those who do not (or choose not) to understand the message but choose to be enraged by it instead, something I understand myself. And yet every time they hit on a message that speaks to even a devout unbeliever like myself because they speak of simple truths that everyone really should know, so I don’t think they should worry about slings and arrows from the complainers, because their message is good and I am glad that they mount these artworks here in the middle of the city (they also run an excellent fair trade shop, bookstore and a lovely cafe). No Christian I, but I wish them peace and best wishes for their special time of year.