only about 3.30 but there’s the moon out already, hanging above the ridge of the Old Town while the sun sinks rapidly in the west. The shadows lengthen in the valley of the Gardens and the temperature drops even further as the brief daytime nears its close. The last rays of the rapidly dying sun make the sandstone of the Balmoral’s clock tower glow; a warm, golden radiance in defiance of the approaching cold of the winter night. Neither encroaching darkness nor cold seem to bother the kid’s in the Winter Wonderland who are having a great time. I pickup some very nice hand-made gifts from the German Market and the kind lady at the wooden toy stall gives me a nice wooden Christmas decoration with my purchases. She did the same last year too and was very pleased at how well-received some of their wooden toys I’d bought before had been. They really are wonderfully colourful and as traditional a children’s toy as one could buy; so very different from the mass-produced, plastic novelties, I love this stall. The aroma of hot gluwein and freshly-baked waffles is in the cold air and there are unusual creations to marvel at in the booths.