Trying Ryan

The utterly gorgeous Queen of the Spacebabes, Jeri Ryan, is in court according to this article from the Smoking Gun via the SF Crow’s Nest, alleging her then husband kept taking her to night clubs which turned out to be sex clubs where he wanted her to go with multiple partners. Gee, suddenly I feel a little guilty for my Seven of Nine, T’Pol and Aeryn Sun fantasies… Although I’d have reckoned Jeri was enough woman for any man to deal with as it was so her hubby was obviously a bit of a diddy. And you’d have to imagine if your lovely wife says no to a saucy suggestion then it probably means she doesn’t fancy it and trying it again is probably not the best move… Well, Jeri, my sympathies to you and just to let you know I am still single if you’re going to be dating again soon.

In an interesting response to the article there is a counter-claim that this is old news and was only brought up in courts recently because her former hubby, Jack Ryan (presumably not Tom Clancy’s hero) was trying to run for office (as a Republican, so he is obviously a bastard) and the scandal cost him his chance.