An unnatural spring (for Scotland anyway)

What is going on? It is Scotland, it is spring and we have had consistently nice weather for weeks. This is not natural. Today parts of Scotland were 25 degrees C. That’s hotter than Spain, Italy and Greece are right now, which considering they are just across the Mediterranean from Africa and we’re between Norway and Iceland is a little odd.

I was this close to digging out the shorts early this year. In the end I left them (okay I have no idea where I put them after last summer). There were more than enough incredibly pale Celtic limbs on display without my blue-white skin being exposed too. There are vampires in the Carpathians who have deeper tans that Scottish folk. Still my pale skin creates vitamin D more efficiently than folk with tanned skin, so at least I’ll never have rickets. Plus my skin will not resemble an old leather pouch by the time I am 50. Must lay in my supply of sun cream, SPF 100 (specially made for those of a Celtic disposition who can be sunburnt by camera flash guns).