Off to the movies

So what do I do in the sun? Yep, I spend two hours inside a cinema. Well, I haven’t seen a movie in over 10 days you know, I was getting twitchy. I had a nice walk through the old bone orchard nearby on the way back. The centre, where the really old graves are, is left to become overgrown and become and urban wildlife area. I spotted a bat living in one of the trees a couple of years back, stumbling home from the pub one night, fluttering out of the tree and over the graveyard wall. Cool.

I went to see the new Jackie Chan, Shanghai Knights. Anyone who saw the first film will know what to expect – extremely silly action-comedy, but all delivered with Jackie Chan’s trademark style and grin, so you just go with it. For mindless entertainment it is just what you need to take your mind off of the news for a couple of hours. There were even a few nice homages thrown in as well; the revolving hotel door with the police was the Keystone Cops and the Singing in the Rain fight scene with an umbrella in Victorian London? Cracked genius! The rest wasn’t as brilliant, but like I say, patchable enough light fun to take your mind off things for a wee while. Next up is Rules of Attraction tomorrow. Not a fan of the works of Brett Easton Ellis I have to say, but this is Roger Avery’s return to movie directing, so off I go. Plus a chance to see Dawson being bad. Who says I only write about the heavyweight things going on in the world? Now if you will excuse me, my parents have just been through for a lovely surprise visit to their wee boy and left him with a yummy Easter egg to munch on. Hmmmm, Easter egg…..

Been a comedy day today – this morning BBC2 showed a couple of Laurel and Hardy shorts for the first time in ages. I love Laurel and Hardy. Stan Laurel can reduce me to tears of laughter with a simple expression. Chaplin I never had much time for – although I must confess Modern Times is a wonderful satire with great sight gags. But Laurel and Hardy have charcter and plot as well as gags. Then there is wonderful Harold Lloyd hanging from his clock and the utter master of black and white comedy, Buster Keaton. Strong urge to go and watch Steamboat Bill Junior again – the one where the house falls on him.