New perspectives

Just picked up my new spectacles and am currently suffering from the inevitable spatial distortions which go with breaking in new glasses. Everything is slightly skewed and spaced out while my eyes adjust to new lenses and I’m certainly much more sensitive to sub-space distortions than usual, which may be handy, you never know.

Couldn’t get the frames I wanted. I’ve worn round frames since I was in my teens but now that spectacles have gone all ridiculously trendy I can’t get those type anymore and had to settle for something else. I liked my round frames – I’ve worn variations on them for 18 years and I liked them – pretty timeless design, round frames of the sort that have been around since the 1700s. So if I ever went back in time one day and was wandering around, say Vienna a couple of centuries back talking with Franz Schubert my glasses would not look out of the ordinary. Ok, perhaps not the most likely thing to happen, but these are the sorts of things I think about you know. Anyway, you two-eyed devils out ther wont have a clue what I’m talking about while all my four-eyed brothers and sisters will be nodding their heads and know exactly what I mean when I say my depth perception and visual field are pretty freaky right now.

I’m also greviously out of pocket too of course since they cost a bloody packet. At least I got a second pair free which I had tinted with the darkest lenses they had available (the darker the better, dark as Satan’s arse). Tried them on when I got home too and just realised that – unlike my old round ones which were ‘Joe Lennon’ specials – these ones make me look like Hugo Weaving’s Agent Smith. Ok, chubby Agent Smith…