Another link I followed from Ariel and, oh my gods, an SF online dating site!!! Will there be any women on it at all, apart from a few middle-aged Anne McCaffrey fans? And no, I’m not being nasty about women of a certain age or McCaffrey fans before you get indignant, just an observation based on years of first hand experience of selling Anne’s books (and she is a very nice lady) – while she sells to all ages and gender there is a noticeable concentration of middle-aged women who come in for each new one – I’m sure other SF booksellers probably know what I’m on about (just as there are certain folks you can guess right off are looking for the new Doctor Who novelisations or a number of other authors or series – it’s not pigeonholing as such, it’s just a Spider Sense you pick up after being exposed to so many SF books and a dose of gamma radiation).