I had an odd dream last night, which followed on to one I had a few nights ago. I was buying a new home. Nothing unusual there, surely? But this home was, like a Hobbit dwelling, partly underground, taking up several stories carved into a roughly conical shaped hill. This conical hill was also an old, overgrown cemetery. A winding path meandered through the broken-down stones and crumbling mausoleums, descending from the gates down the hill towards the door of the house, carved, like the windows, into the front of the hill itself. A few nights ago I dreamt I had found this place and decided to purchase it; now I’ve had a sequel dream where I was moving into it and trying to ascertain if any of the rooms within could be enlarged without perhaps bumping into the subterranean resting place of the other residents.

I like these dreams and I love this home. Superbly Gothic and unusual, while the largely underground construction makes it very environmentally friendly. I think I’d like to live there, like a cross between a bone yard dwelling Hobbit and a Gothic Tellytubby via Charles Addams