Warren Ellis speaks

A very short interview with Warren Ellis on Bookslut here. He said he was tired of people asking him for interviews so said he would answer any four questions if they were put to him within 12 hours of his posting, so Bookslut took him up on it. As anyone who read his blog knows he isn’t the happiest bunny in the world (you’d never guess that from the excellent Transmetropolitan!) but my gods he sounds more depressed than a man who’s been listening to Black Sabbath for five days after being dumped by his fiance at the altar in front of his own family for a randy penguin.

Much as I love his work, I have to say 2003 a cultural wasteland? Either he’s carrying his depression persona too far for apperances or if he really means it I have to disagree. What about Spirited Away? Bellville Rendezvous? Young Adam? We had new books from Richard Morgan, Ken MacLeod, Neil Gaiman as well as Ellis himself of course. Then again, maybe I don’t want to cheer him up in case he can’t write his good stuff when happy, like the artist in Spaced. And no, I don’t hold a grudge for him saying he’d come and sign books for us during his Edinburgh Festival visit then pulling out for no good reason. But, Warren, jeez, like lighten up! have a beer and watch some Simpsons!