Tardis Time!

As the 40th anniversary of cult British SF show Doctor Who approaches the BBC have unleased the animated version on BBC-I featuring none other than Richard E Grant as the errant Time Lord. Having grown up with the show as many folk have I’m reminded of my age this week. Looking at the lovely hardback official 40th anniversary book I recall being given the 20th anniversary one for my birthday (Hogmanay) way back in 1983… Guess that’s a collectable now – not sure if I am mind you. But I guess there’s a few regenerations left in me yet. The massive turnout for Tom Baker’s tour a few years abcka dn the books we still sell and the hundrends of thousands of hits on the previous BBCI serial just shows how this show will not go away. Kids who were not born before the show went off the air (damn you Michael Grade you wee short arse fucker!) still know that a blue police box is actually a Tardis. In Glasgow’s Buchanan Street one of the few surviving examples has a light-up lamp and makes the Tardis take-off sounds.

I’m still wondering if Grant will do a Withnail and I Doctor. Camberwell carrot in the Tardis console room, anyone? Doctor covering himself in Deep Heat to get warm then downing some lighter fluid? Cool! For a show which nearly was cancelled before it began due to the assassination of Kennedy it’s come a long, long way to become utterly embedded into our national culture.