The Evil Digger

Did anyone else get those cold chills that warn you of the approach of cold, calculating pure evil? Yes, it was Rupert Murdoch in the news again. Ostensably here to bully.. sorry persuade his British stockholders to let his boy run the company here he got into the headlines by making a public statement to the effect that Blair couldn’t take the support of his media empire for granted in the next election, but neither could the tories. Support from the formerly tory newspapers like the disgusting Sun are credited with helping swing the last two elections for Blair’s New Labour.

Is it just me or does this whole thing make your blood run cold? Why should any individual have this power to use the mass media to push their own agenda? And we already know you will push your agenda regardless of politics, Rupert, because you were only too happy to fuck up the BBC news on your Asian Star satellitle services to keep the Communist Chinese tyrants sweet so you could do business with them after previously pissing them off by bragging about the mass media bringing down non-democratic regimes. He’ll do business with anyone and will use the seriously huge resources at his disposal to increase that business. Democracy is a fucking game to this man, he plays with our civil rights that our forefathers had to fight and sacrifice in blood to keep for us.

Why is is legal for print media to be so blatantly biased? Because if any government tried to have the balls to ban them and make them comply with the rules of unbiased reporting that broadcast media have to in the UK then Murdoch would use his empire to ruin them, so they don’t dare.

One day when I have power he will be dealt with. In fact I plan to have him cloned so I can have him slowly killed many times. And then show in on pay-per-view for fifteen bucks!