I come back to you now at the turning of the tide

No, not Gandalf in the Two Towers but me returning to my own bookstore after a month on secondment helping to organise and set up a new Waterstone’s bookshop. As I finished that post last week I had the most odd feeling inside. What was this? Oh, I know now – job satisfaction. And also being appreciated for doing it bloody well. Long, long time since I felt those feelings in Waterstone’s. But now I’m back to my own poor, run-down, long-overdue-for-refit branch with far too few staff for the jobs required, extremely busy customer base and huge goods-in backlog with the poor staff fretting through the nasty day. Oh the joy. And a return to dealing with customers once more. Stupid middle-aged woman haranguing me because we don’t have sofas to sit on in our store. Trying to explain that the store was built long before the current lifestyle of bookstore shopping doesn’t bother her. It is my personal fault obviously. Older people take moaning to folk who work with the public to a fine art. Yeah, go on you old bastards, moan and piss off the poorest paid people in the fucking country. You really think we care what you say? Maybe a good cold winter will thin out these old fuckers a little. heh heh. So perish all who deserve my wrath. Oh those little revenge fantasies to help make it through the day… Gonna need more of them before the Xmas season is over.