2011 becomes 2012

Hogmanay 2011 01

Heading out of the warmth of the flat to watch the fireworks erupt over Edinburgh Castle at midnight as December 31st 2011 (my birthday, as it happens) clicks over to become January 1st, 2012, watching from an old, humpackd bridge on the Union Canal near the flat with a decent view to the evening’s pyrotechnics. Naturally we came prepared with some sparkly stuff for the chimes at midnight:

Hogmanay 2011 02

And then the sky erupted into colours and great booms and thumps echoed across the night sky over our ancient capital, while we laughed at the nearby crowd of English students trying to sing Auld Lang’s Syne and mispronouncing Edinburgh dreadfully.

Hogmanay 2011 03

Hogmanay 2011 06

Happy New Year, folks.

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  1. Happy (belated) Birthday, Joe! New Years in Edinburgh looks delightful. One day, one day I’ll experience it. 🙂

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