Locked Up

In a room, a cage, a circle,

Disengaged a prisoner,

There’s a tune I’ll never dance to

But I’m forced to be a listener,

Wondering why I’m here,

In the wrong century

Wrong is all I ever see here

On this planet far too small for me

Locked up, inside and out

Locked up, chained to my heart

I’m locked up, chained to my head

Locked up I’m torn apart…

In the rain, the cold exposure

Growing older, losing faith

There’s a view I’ll never turn to

But my eyes wont close into escape

Wondering why I’m here

A flaw in some design?

Flaws are normal

Could it be that all the wrong

Is only in my mind?

Locked Up,

They Eat Their Own.

Listening to this old album again this week. I still think I’m the only person who ever heard of them, I’ve never met anyone else who has heard of them. Good aggro/protest rock.