Red Carpet

At the UGC cinema near my home on Thursday to see Boob Raider… Sorry Tomb Raider. Huge crowds gathered all around the entrance, news cameras, red carpet – who is it? Well, I’ve seen this several times at my local cinema recently because of Film Festival premieres. This wasn’t actually a Film Festival event however, but was a gala premiers of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, The huge crows was there to see the arrival of the unofficial King of Scotland (despite not being here most of the year) the one and only Sean Connery. Quite fitting he should be there as his birth place, marked by a plaque, is only a few hundred yards from the cinema doors in Edinburgh’s Fountainbridge area.

It was quite odd when sitting in the auditorium later on – after they had let us ordinary folk into the bloody foyer to buy our tickets, we weren’t allowed in while Sean was there, not that any staff member bothered to tell us – one of the trailers was for the League – or LXG as they marketing folk are trying to brand it. It was peculiar to watch it, seeing Connery up there on the screen as Alan Quatermain while we knew he was only a few metres away in the next auditorium. I have to say I will go and see it when it opens soon, but from what I’ve heard and from the trailer I don’t hold much hope out for it. I know they have taken huge liberties with the excellent Alan Moore graphic novel, which tells fantastic adventure yarns using Victorian fictional characters as if they were real, such as Mina Harker, Doctor Jekyll and Captain Nemo. Still, I’ll hold my full comments until I have actually seen it, but I will say it has a lot to live up to.